The International Carwash Association has released its Q2 2024 edition of The Pulse Report, a quarterly report that provides the latest in car wash consumer research and industry data, combined with actionable insights for car wash operators and retailers.

“Every quarter, the questions we pose in our consumer and industry surveys are customized to reveal the trends that have the potential to impact the success of businesses in the car wash industry,” said Eric Wulf, CEO of ICA. “Our goal isn’t just to identify trends, though. It is to analyze them and identify how this information can best support the businesses in the car wash industry.”

The Pulse Report Q2 2024 features insights from ICA Pulse consumer research and car wash industry surveys conducted in May 2024. The survey data and analyses address longitudinal tracking along the lines of customer satisfaction, churn intent, and membership sales as well as specific questions intended to spotlight various aspects integral to the success of a car wash business.

Longitudinal data tracked in the surveys and answers to some new questions painted a more complete picture of how the car wash industry is evolving and faring.

“The responses showed some uncertainties about where the industry and economy are headed six months from now, but current conditions are positive,” said ICA research director Bob Klein. “The positive upward movement in reported same-store sales is encouraging, too. Sixty-four percent report same-store sales increasing over the past 12 months.

“We know that consumers want convenience, and location is the primary car wash choice driver. But what can you do to get customers to drive past a competitor’s location? Our latest research has uncovered six ways to entice customers to stop, pause, and reconsider their car wash purchase decision.”