The International Carwash Association has announced that it has joined the newly launched America’s Recovery Fund Coalition (ARFC), a collection of more than 60 organizations advocating for a grant-based federal assistance program to power the resilience of American enterprise.

ARFC includes organizations representing more than 30 business sectors that together employ 58 million Americans and comprise more than 45 percent of the private sector workforce.

The coalition believes Congress must urgently create a federal direct assistance fund to provide rapid liquidity to businesses impaired by the COVID-19 national emergency. The fund should be designed to help businesses maintain ongoing capital obligations during the prolonged crisis and the next months of economic healing, enabling employees to continue receiving pay, maintain benefits, and for former employees to be rehired while workplaces get back on their feet and safely reopen to the public.

“ICA is proud to join this coalition alongside trade associations and business organizations from so many sectors,” said ICA CEO Eric Wulf. “The adage that we’re better together is truer than ever, and we’re honored to be part of the ARFC’s goal to bolster the American workforce, help businesses reopen safely, and provide the rapid liquidity employers need to stay afloat.”

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