Sampson Bladen Oil Company (dba Han-Dee Hugo’s) has chosen Liquid Barcodes as its full-service loyalty platform featuring a robust customer loyalty program and a digital app-based car wash subscription service. Sampson Bladen Oil Company is headquartered in Clinton, NC and operates 110 convenience stores with 25 car washes.

The new Han-Dee Hugo’s mobile app, developed in collaboration with Rovertown, offers customers a robust loyalty program including digital stamp cards, a store locator map, rewards and perks for birthdays, friend referrals, gamification, and more. Additionally, Sampson Bladen Oil Company offers customers a subscription option for monthly car washing to deliver a frictionless and contactless solution for customers. Han-Dee Hugo’s operates on Verifone’s point-of-sale system which ensures seamless integration thanks to Liquid Barcode’s recent Verifone loyalty integration certification.

In addition to receiving rewards for frequent purchases, customers enjoy the refreshed design and simplicity of the Han-Dee Hugo’s app for both loyalty and their car wash subscription program.