Go Green Smokeless Oil International Inc. has announced the grand opening of its new prototype concept in environmentally friendly lube centers. Located at 13505 B Ranch Road 620 N, on the north side of Austin, TX, the new Go Green Oil Change Center is scheduled to open in mid-November.

In addition to its proprietary smokeless oil, which is formulated to reduce greenhouse gases and smoke emissions from older vehicles, the lube center will offer three complete lines of motor oils for normal maintenance. These motor oils will include a re-refined synthetic-blend, a full-synthetic motor oil processed for accelerated biodegradation if introduced to the environment, and a bio-based full-synthetic product formulated with non-crude-oil base stocks.

The oils are made in the United States and help reduce the importation of foreign crude oil. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.gogreensmokelessoil.com.