Goo Goo Express, an International Car Wash Group brand with 49 car washes in the southern United States, has been recognized by Newsweek magazine for being one of American’s best customer service brands for 2020.

The distinction was based on an independent survey of more than 20,000 U.S. customers conducted by global research firm Statista, which ranked retailers and service providers in 160 categories overall. The complete list, which distinguishes Goo Goo Express and two other car wash brands, can be found on the Newsweek web site ( and is featured in the October 18 edition of the magazine.

“Providing professional and friendly customer service has always been a point of pride for us. Being selected anonymously by customers and called out for our excellence in this space is really the highest form of praise. We are humbled by this honor and salute our employees for the leadership they have shown to make us deserving of this recognition,” said Phil Wise, regional vice president of Goo Goo Express Car Wash.

The company’s commitment to customer service goes back to one of the formative principles of its founder R. D. Beck in 1945 and lives on today as a defining value at Goo Goo Express and its parent company, the International Car Wash Group.