Brent Scott had a thriving landscape business in Las Vegas; he sold it and moved to Dallas and became intrigued with the professional car wash business. As he did his research, he discovered that the location was the single most important factor in achieving success. The second thing he realized was that he had no experience. He did, however, admire the operations of Wash Factory Car Wash in Denton, TX. So he sought out the owner, Brad Mann, and collaborated with him to build a team to help him enter into the professional car wash business. But all along, his research reflected a “do-it-like-everybody-else-does-it” mentality, which he refused to accept.

He wanted the motoring public to have a safer, less intimidating, enjoyable experience.

Along with Mann, Scott developed a team that included Links Construction, a design-build construction firm, and Pro-Tech Service Company L.L.C. The team traveled all over the United States to help Scott and Mann achieve Scott’s goal. Once the team was exposed to the Belanger SpinLite line, they knew they had found the equipment that matched their business philosophies.

Scott named his car wash Crossroads Car Wash after the Denton County, TX town in which it is located. The construction and equipment installation was meticulously executed, on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. The car wash opened the weekend before Thanksgiving 2016, and offered the lowest priced car wash package for free or its value deducted from any other package. Scott was pleasantly surprised and quite overwhelmed by the motoring public’s praise and acceptance of the soft, gentle, and quiet wash and the entertainment his facility and its equipment provides.

Customer Comments
• Unbelievable car wash experience!
• This will be the only car wash I go to.
• This is the first time my baby was not scared of the car wash.
• This was the quietest, gentlest, non-intimidating car wash experience I’ve ever had.
• This was completely and totally entertaining. And by the colors of the lights, I knew I got what I paid for.
• This is actually the only car wash where I can continue my phone conversation while I go through the wash.