Starfire’s Tec-A line of products for front-line maintenance and service keeps growing with the addition of three new offerings. Tec-A-Carb carb/choke cleaner gets to hard-to-reach passages and sliding surfaces to eliminate carbon, gum, sludge, varnish or corrosive deposits that interfere with performance. It’s safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic convertors. Tec-A-Nut penetrating oil cuts through grease and corrosion while dissolving rust to free seized components. It also is effective for water displacement, leaving a protective film in cracks and crevices to prevent rust or corrosion. Tec-A-Glass is ammonia-free and quick-drying. It’s clinging foam formula quickly removes fingerprints, smudges, light grease, bugs, dirt, and smoke residue from windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces without rinsing.

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