Focused Carwash Solutions (FCS) of Denver, CO has announced their new distributor partnerships with Cat Pumps and Petit Auto Wash Equipment.

“Focused Carwash Solutions is excited to offer a great inventory of Cat Pumps’ parts and service to our market,” stated FCS president Aaron Green. “We have been working with Cat Pumps for years and have come to trust and admire the level of quality, dependability, and customer service from their company.”

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In a separate statement, Green commented on the Petit Auto Wash distributorship: “Petit offers the same low-maintenance, high-processing equipment for the in-bay automatic market that FCS has always built our business model around when working in the tunnel market,” he explained. “We feel this will be a great partnership and opportunity to serve the in-bay customers in our geographic market.”

Petit Auto Wash Equipment was established in Norton, Ohio over 50 years ago. For more information, visit