Express Wash Concepts (EWC) opened its second Clean Express Auto Wash at 26429 Gratiot Avenue in Roseville, MI. The company’s first Detroit express wash location at 32976 Gratiot Avenue opened in March 2024, and a third is scheduled to open at 4200 Highland Rd. in Waterford Township in early fall 2024.

EWC currently operates more than 97 express wash locations in Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus, Hampton Roads, and Pittsburgh. With a continued focus on strategic core market development, an additional 35 EWC locations, including 10 in Detroit, are scheduled to open by early 2025.

“We are on track to become the region’s best express car wash company, and look forward to continuing to exceed customer expectations with the highest quality, environmentally friendly wash experience possible, all offered at a great value,” said John Roush, Express Wash Concepts’ chief executive officer. “While we continue our thoughtful expansion, we remain focused on making a positive impact through our award-winning philanthropic and team member growth initiatives, furthering our mission of enhancing people, communities, and cars through the power of clean.”