EverWash, an industry leader in car wash membership sales and subscription management, has announced a rebrand of its visual identity and brand mission that reflects a deep dedication to its car wash partners. Coinciding with the unveiling of the new logo and branding, EverWash will also be rolling out a new corporate message — “That’s Happy Washing” — and an updated app that will focus on engaging both car wash owners and their customers.

“EverWash’s vision is to become the most trusted and most innovative company in the car wash industry,” said Scott Caplan, CEO and co-founder of EverWash. “Our mission of ‘Happy Washing’ is to build a seamless experience for our partners. This rebrand is not just an exterior wash — we have taken this opportunity to evolve and improve our approach in the market as a whole. We continually strive to be better at everything that we do every day for every client.”

"Our new logo and branding really embodies the Happy Washing experience we believe is at the core of EverWash’s service,” said Max Pulcini, EverWash’s director of marketing and communications. “By going with a sleek, more modern logo, we are positioning ourselves as a tech company more so than a car wash chain or brand. The added personification of the car icon with our signature Happy Washing smiles echoes the smiling faces and positive car washing experiences of our members and wash partners alike."

Read more about EverWash’s new look by visiting the company blog post announcement here.