EverWash, the car wash industry’s leader in membership sales and subscription management, has been ranked on the a16z Marketplace 100 for the second year in a row. Despite challenges with COVID-19, including the temporary closure of car washes across the country, EverWash maintained its growth. The Philadelphia-based startup is ranked 45th out of the 100 companies listed in the overall index, which highlights the largest and fastest-growing consumer-facing marketplace startups and private companies.

This is a 21-place increase for EverWash, which broke into last year’s ranking as 66th in the overall index, in addition to being named the fourth-fastest growing company on the list. These rankings were put together by Andreessen-Horowitz, a Menlo Park, CA-based venture capital firm, and based on data from Second Measure, a firm that analyzes billions of purchases to track consumer behavior and relative sales across 5,200 merchants.

“EverWash is firmly established as the country’s largest car wash network, and continues to help the car wash industry break membership goals in 2021. As the world turns the corner and re-enters ‘normalcy’, we look forward to continuing down this path and providing clean cars to even more Americans,” said John Cassady, CEO of EverWash.

According to Andresson-Horowitz, the startups and private companies on the Marketplace 100 are ranked using a common industry metric, Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), which is extrapolated from the total dollars consumers are spending against each company.

Last year, a16z described EverWash as “the most surprising company of the top five fastest growers… These up-and-coming companies offer the best indication of future marketplace categories. Interestingly, these companies are emblematic of emerging categories among millennial and Gen Z consumers.”