EverWash, the nation’s leading car wash membership platform, has announced they have partnered with Car IQ®, creators of a fleet payment solution that will allow fleet vehicles to pay for washes at EverWash car wash locations without the need for a credit card.

“We’re committed to create the greatest customer experience in the car wash industry, and fleets are a major focus for us,” said Scott Pashley, chief revenue officer at EverWash. “Car IQ is the perfect partner for us as we expand our capabilities as the only company in the car wash industry with autonomous payment for fleets.”

Car IQ’s contactless and secure payment network allows connected cars and trucks to pay merchants and service providers without a credit card though proprietary identity-management technology.

Together, EverWash and Car IQ provide transparency to fleet managers with real-time data on who is washing cars, that helps to eliminate fraud, centralize billing, and provide an unprecedented frictionless consumer experience for drivers who now do not need to use a credit card to buy a car wash.