Established in 1972, D&S Carwash Equipment Company was the first to introduce an all (welded) stainless steel vacuum to the car wash industry and the first company to incorporate solid-state timers in car washing applications. D&S was also instrumental in launching digital displays in coin meters.

The company’s product lines include in-bay automatics, self-serve car wash systems and components, and vacuums for professional car washes, convenience store operations, and auto dealerships. Thousands of D&S in-bay automatic systems have operated continuously in the field since 1988, with many of their first models still in operation today.

Celebrating along with the company is Drew Dressler, marking 30 years with D&S. Dressler was hired by D&S in 1992 to solidify their marketing department. He spent the next 15 years in marketing, then moved to sales. Since then, Dressler has become the exclusive regional manager for D&S car wash equipment across the East Coast and Canada and has hit record-breaking sales.