Motor City Wash Works

Wixom, Michigan

Since 2004, Motor City Wash Works has manufactured conveyor car wash equipment, parts, and supplies. Wash Works is known for its innovative products like the Dry N’ Shine, Color Skinz, and the High Pressure Axis Arch.

What’s New/Best Seller • Dry N’ Shine — Mechanical Drying System for Conveyor Car Washes.

Advantages/Features • Dry N’ Shine is a friction drying system that uses super absorbing drying material to wipe water droplets from a vehicle’s surface. It can effectively remove the last 5 percent of water droplets still remaining on the vehicle’s surface directly following forced air dryers. It consistently produces dry cars, while quietly using less horsepower and offering new revenue opportunities.

Delivery/Installation • The Dry N’ Shine System is available through Wash Works’ extensive local distributor network.

Customer/Operator Support • A team of technical support experts and engineers can immediately answer any operating questions. All manuals are online.

Pricing • The Dry N’ Shine packages start at $43,700.

Contact • Motor City Wash Works,
48285 Frank Street,
Wixom, MI 48393.
(248) 313-0272.
Toll free: (866) 362-6377.
Fax: (248) 313-0271.

OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions

Northville, Michigan

OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions delivers innovative, reliable, premium-quality vehicle wash solutions supported by an exceptional service and support network, helping wash businesses thrive.

What’s New/Best Seller • DryLite Dryers.

Advantages/Features • DryLite Dryers connect with passing drivers by lighting up the exit area of a car wash. It attracts attention from the street 24/7 to actively market the business and capture new customers. For in-bay operators, once drivers pull up to the wash entrance, LED-illuminated DryLite dryers assist with driver navigation to get them into position quickly with prompts to pull forward, stop, or back up. This helps increase vehicle processing and throughput, which means more cars are washed per day. Clean, dry cars and an end-to-end light show improve car wash visibility, and improved visibility improves the business.

Customer/Operator Support • Local distributor support can advise each operator on the best dryer configuration for their needs.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions,
1001 Doheny Court,
Northville, MI 48167. (248) 349-7010.
Toll free: (866) 488-6635.


Grimes, Iowa

NCS is a leading full-service fluids and systems provider. Its world-class brands are backed by a massive North American service network with more than 600 dedicated service technicians. It provides customers comprehensive systems and aftermarket support, including service, parts, and environmentally friendly cleaning fluids.

What’s New/Best Seller • Air Knives Drying System.

Advantages/Features • The NCS Air Knife Drying System was designed to enhance the drying of vehicle sides and reduce the time each vehicle spends in the drying chamber. Depending on site needs, the dryer can be customized with a 10-hp or 15-hp producer. Long-lasting Air Knife Nozzles are durable, chemical resistant, and effective on all vehicle types. Centralized and refined airflow produces exceptional drying performance and creates a squeegee effect to sheet water off the sides of the vehicle. Mounts and designs are configurable to meet specific wash needs.

Contact • NCS,
1500 SE 37th St.
Grimes, IA 50111.
Toll free: (800) 283-7956.

Sonny’s The Carwash Factory

Tamarac, Florida

Sonny’s offers a complete suite of car wash business solutions. It’s everything you need to succeed, all from one partner.

What’s New/Best Seller •  Stargate Blower Venturi.

Advantages/Features •  StarGate significantly reduces energy consumption by shutting off airflow through the producer between vehicles without affecting drying performance. Units lower amp draw and energy costs between vehicles and reduces noise between vehicles when StarGate is closed. It eliminates air disturbance between vehicles and controls airflow to pickup beds to eliminate flying debris.

Contact •  Sonny’s The Carwash Factory,
5870 Hiatus Road,
Tamarac, FL 33321.
Toll Free: (800) 327-8723.

Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems

Houston, Texas

Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems, with more than 50 years of experience and installations in more than 75 countries, offers a complete catalog of innovative car wash equipment including tunnels, automatics, self-serve, and support equipment.

What’s New/Best Seller • High Efficiency Stainless Steel (H.E.S.S.) Air Dryers.

Advantages/Features • All new stainless steel housings in the H.E.S.S. EQ Dryers provide added durability, resistance against corrosion, and an easy-to-maintain appearance available with an optional stainless steel nozzle. The corrosion resistant intake cone and stainless steel inlet screen adds staying power and longevity. Improved impellers contribute to power efficiency, smooth operation, and improved motor life.

Customer/Operator Support • Worldwide distribution and support.

Price • Call for a quote.

Contact • Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems,
5842 W. 34th Street,
Houston, TX 77092.
(713) 683-9878.
Toll free: (800) 999-9878.

Aerodry Systems LLC

Broomfield, Colorado

With more than three decades of experience in the car wash industry, Aerodry has built a reputation for product excellence, integrity, honesty, and no gimmicks.

What’s New/Best Seller • Advantage and Excel Models.

Advantages/Features • Innovative designs increase performance and include internal sound reduction. Units are freestanding and maintenance-free. All components are guaranteed new and proven suitable for harsh car wash conditions. The system has been successfully installed in all types of washes, including auto plants; vehicle processing locations; truck, train, and bus facilities; and more.

Contact • Aerodry Systems LLC,
P.O. Box 907,
Broomfield, CO 80038.
(303) 438-0120.

Tommy Car Wash Systems

Holland, Michigan

Tommy Car Wash Systems is a team of passionate car wash professionals working for more than 50 years to create the most efficient and productive car wash equipment possible. Tommy offers robust stainless steel car wash equipment, an advanced wash club license plate reader system, the Tommy Transporter belt, high-performance wash detergents, mini-tunnels to upgrade in-bay sites, and a high-performance franchise opportunity.

What’s New/Best Seller • Tommy Drying System.

Advantages/Features • The Tommy Drying system is customizable to fit the needs of any wash. The drying system is equipped with an array of strategically placed centrifugal blower producers, heated blowers, and a set of reverse drying huggers that allow for faster, more-thorough drying in a shorter space as cars exit the tunnel.

Contact • Tommy Car Wash Systems,
581 Ottawa Ave,
Holland, MI 49423.
(616) 494- 0771.

Washworld Inc.

DePere, Wisconsin

In addition to the High Velocity Drying System, Washworld manufactures Razor, Razor XR-7, Razor EDGE, and Razor Double Barrel touch-free wash systems as well as Profile LXR, Profile ST, and Profile MAX soft touch wash systems.

What’s New/Best Seller • High Velocity Drying System.

Advantages/Features • The Washworld High Velocity standalone and on-board drying systems incorporate proven energy-efficient air producer designs. The standard features include safe, touch free drying; all aluminum welded impellers; stainless steel and composite construction; completely adjustable producer housings for enhanced drying coverage; and stainless-steel mounting hardware. 7.5-, 10-, and 15-hp TEFC motors are available to configure the dryer to operator demands. The drying experience can be enhanced with the optional elephant trunks, high-velocity oscillating nozzle, and eye-catching LEDs.

Customer/Operator Support • Worldwide distribution and technical support is available on a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week basis.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Washworld Inc.,
2222 American Blvd,
De Pere, WI 54115.
(920) 338-9278.
Toll free: (888) 315-7253.

Oasis Car Wash Systems

Galena, Kansas

Oasis Car Wash Systems manufactures dependable, high-speed, and efficient car wash equipment with the investor in mind.

What’s New/Best Seller • ADAPT Drying System.

Advantages/Features • Car wash owners looking for an onboard drying system that is compatible with their existing equipment now have an option. With the ADAPT Drying System, operators are no longer limited to just a freestanding dryer — the system will interface with any in-bay automatic car wash on the market.

Customer/Operator Support • Worldwide service and distribution network.

Price • Available upon request.

Contact • Oasis Car Wash Systems,
1909 E. 12th Street,
Galena, KS 66739.
Toll free: (800) 892-3537.

Proto-Vest Dryers LLC

Glendale, Arizona

Proto-Vest Dryers offers an extensive line of vehicle drying equipment with more than 15 standard dryers available for immediate shipment. Dryers can be fitted with several options to enhance performance. Dryers are touch free and use very low horsepower to strip water from the vehicle surface, offering an effective drying solution across all line speeds.

What’s New/Best Seller • Elite 460 Dryers.

Advantages/Features • The Elite 460 is a standalone, touch-free drying system that is ideal for low and moderate line speeds. It has four bags, only two 30-hp motors, comes silenced at no additional cost, no moving parts or sensors, and maintenance is easy and inexpensive. The unit is very energy efficient, typically delivering energy savings of $22,000 annually compared to traditional systems. 

Customer/Operator Support • Extensive after sales and product support including custom engineering.

Contact • Proto-Vest Dryers LLC,
7400 N. Glen Harbor Blvd.,
Glendale, AZ 85307.
(623) 872-8300.
Toll free: (800) 521-8218.

AVW Equipment Co.

Chicago, Illinois

AVW Equipment Co. is a leading developer of car wash equipment installed in many of the most successful systems around the globe. Nearly 50 years of experience go into every piece of equipment. All systems incorporate innovative technology and high-quality components constructed of stainless steel and provide reliable operation with minimal maintenance and downtime.

What’s New/Best Seller • W.A.M. (Windows and Mirror) Dryer.

Advantages/Features • Custom fabric absorbs water droplets more effectively and is better and faster than hand drying. Units are computer controlled to only come in contact with side mirrors and side windows. Cars come out of the wash “ready-to-go,” providing instant gratification for the customer.

Customer/Operator Support • AVW global distribution network can assist with installation, sales, service, and support.

Price • Call or e-mail for a quote.

Contact • AVW Equipment Co. Inc.,
105 S. 9th Ave.,
Maywood, IL 60153.
(708) 343-7738.

Diskin Systems Inc.

Algonquin, Illinois

Diskin Systems Inc. developed the concept of self-service in-bay drying. The dryers are installed in a self-service bay and wired to the selector switch to make drying easy for the customer.

What’s New/Best Seller • Super Air Shammee II.

Advantages/Features • The new model is a regenerative-style blower. It uses three-phase power and is 5 hp. It is much quieter and more energy efficient when mounted in the bay. The additional horsepower adds a 20 percent performance increase in drying effectiveness. This drying power requires a mechanical safety trigger to prevent the nozzle from blowing around inside the bay if the customer accidentally drops the nozzle. A boom and any color dome are available.

Contact • Diskin Systems Inc.,
111 Erick St., Ste 109,
Crystal Lake, IL 60014.
(815) 276-7288.
Fax: (224) 678-7364.

International Drying Corporation

Huntley, Illinois

International Drying Corporation is a leading manufacturer of drying systems designed with the most current technology. It offers diverse systems distributed worldwide for car, bus, train, and truck drying applications.

What’s new/Best Seller •  Stealth Predator, Black Widow.

Advantages/Features •  Predator is a verified “Ultra-Quiet” drying system that uses the company’s patent-pending “reverse flow technology,” delivering 11,000 cfm per 10-hp motor. Black Widow is the first centrifugal producer featuring smooth air technology (SAT), up to 200 mph wind speed, and unique focus flow air producers.

Customer/Operator Support •  Worldwide distribution and support.

Price •  Available upon request.

Contact •  International Drying Corporation,
11220 East Main Street,
Huntley, IL 60142.
(815) 477-4911.