In a move that combines two major technology and production companies in the fast-growing automated car wash industry, Akron-based DRB Systems has announced that it has, through acquisition, officially joined forces with Unitec of Elkridge, MD.

DRB Systems president and CEO Bill Morgenstern said he and Unitec president Pam Piro have agreed to bring their two companies together formally after many years of collaboration. The long-standing relationship has enabled both companies to benefit from market experience, customer insight, technological innovation, and a passion about commitment to customers’ success.

The DRB and Unitec operations will retain their identities, employees, and locations, but now will go to market as the largest provider of technology, point-of-sale, and payment systems nationwide. The acquisition brings together nearly 300 employees serving a combined install base of more than 14,000 car washes.

Going forward, the new organization is positioned to serve literally every car wash segment in the United States with superior technical and production capabilities, the announcement read.