DRB Systems and Unitec have opened their new West Coast office in Fontana, CA. The new office will provide sales and service support for the West Coast, as well as extended shipping hours for customers throughout the United States. This new location is particularly well suited to support the continued growth that is occurring in the car wash industry in southern California.

Since the acquisition of Unitec in September 2016, the DRB Systems organization, which also has offices in Akron and Canton, OH and Elkridge, MD, has grown to include 300 employees. DRB Systems and Unitec serve a combined install base of more than 14,000 car washes.

“One of the most important focus points of our mission at DRB and Unitec is to create opportunities for our customers and employees. It’s a very rewarding moment when an expansion effort, like the addition of our California office, serves both our team and customers,” said Bill Morgenstern, CEO of DRB and Unitec.