DRB®, a provider of software and hardware innovations to the car wash industry, has announced that Beacon Mobile LLC is now a DRB-certified interface. This new integration allows critical information to flow between Beacon Mobile’s customized car wash mobile applications and DRB In-Bay Solutions’ Unitec® brand of pay stations.

With the DRB certified interface, Beacon Mobile can develop mobile apps for in-bay automatic car washes that utilize Unitec pay stations. Customers will be able to make purchases from the app and then redeem them by scanning a code at the pay station.

Utilizing a mobile app with a DRB certified interface allows in­bay automatic car wash operators to facilitate contactless car wash transactions, enhance customer convenience, and offer loyalty options such as unlimited wash plans —members simply scan their phones to receive their wash.

“This new contactless option is a game changer as customer behaviors and expectations are changing due to the pandemic,” said Beacon Mobile CEO Alan Nawoj. “The contactless mobile app-based activation of a car wash applies to single wash purchases, monthly club members, as well as fleet account members that use a car wash’s branded app, so it’s all encompassing.”