Dottie Hopkins, senior sales associate for Van Brook of Lexington, a division of Osborne Coinage Co. retired on April 30, 2020 after 38 years of selling tokens to car washes.

Hopkins started her career with Van Brook and, alongside Virgil Vance, Van Brook’s founder, helped pioneer high security tokens (CT and CTX tokens) for the car wash industry. When Osborne Coinage purchased Van Brook, she stayed on to run sales from Lexington, KY.

Operators will surely miss her customer-service skills and her unparalleled knowledge base. Auto Laundry Newsreaders will likewise miss her editorial contributions, the most recent in the April 2016 issue titled “Token Change — Unexpected Branding Tool.”

Her position has been taken over by Ray Castro. He can be reached at (513) 681-5424 or