Dinowax Inc. of Santa Ana, CA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Formulators Inc. and a manufacturer of a specialty line of concentrated, processional automotive detailing products, has announced the launch of its new e-commerce website at www.dinowax.com. This new website offers the professional detailer access to professional detailing product lines as well as a complete line of quality accessories.

The new website has a clean, organized feel. Uncluttered with miscellaneous product combinations, items are purchased in an a la carte style. Dinowax® believes in supplying a single high-concentrate product, formulated for each application, as the most cost-effective way to purchase. "Offering the best formulation at its highest possible strength will ultimately provide the greatest value," said Benny Dickens, company president and formulator.

The Dinowax patent-pending, Teflon® fortified, reverse-emulsion "wax" collection products offer a unique Quick-Break Technology™ that when applied to the automotive surface immediately "breaks" and delivers detergent resistance and gloss enhancement in an effortless, smear-free fashion.