Orange County detailer and paint correction specialist, Rigo Santana of Xtreme Xcellence Professional Detailing, has been awarded a Master detailing certification from SONAX USA. A Master certification takes years to attain and is based on in-field experience, continuous training, and, in Santana’s case, a focus on specializing in classic, custom, and exotic car care.

Rob McCrary, managing director for SONAX USA said they are proud to announce the certification of both Santana and Sergio Fierro, a Santana protégé, as Master Trainers for SONAX USA.

“We have known these guys for some time and have grown to respect what they do and how they do it,” McCrary said. “We are happy that they have selected SONAX as a partner and are now trained on the SONAX line of products to the point where they can support others while working with the brand.”

Santana most recently worked with the SONAX team as a member of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum (IMS) Preservation Team. He is also a former member of the Air Force One Detailing Team at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, and of the McCall’s Motorworks Revival and The Quail Detailing teams at Monterey Car Week.

Over the past 10 years, Santana has polished priceless vintage vehicles, multi-million-dollar exotics, and historic aircraft. He even helped a skeptical client win a second place ribbon at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance with a freshly paint-corrected 1968 Iso Grifo.

Santana is also the founder of the Nueva Generacion de Detalladorese Network (NGDD), the only Spanish-language automotive detail training in the United States. He recently acquired his International Detailers Association (IDA) Recognized Trainer (RT) status.