It is the biggest and most prestigious historic-aircraft detailing project on record, all in celebration of Boeing’s 100th Anniversary and the opening of the Seattle Museum of Flight’s new Airpark Pavilion that now houses over 15 icons of American aviation history.

Master detailer/trainer Renny Doyle of Attention to Details & Detailing Success in Big Bear Lake, CA leads the largest Air Force One Detailing Team to date in a two-week-long mega-detailing event at the museum April 11 through April 23.

Sixty handpicked technologically advanced detailers from across the country will continue a decade-long preservation effort of the original Air Force One presidential jet; polish the all-aluminum fuselage of a legendary WWII Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber; and clean and preserve the paint and bright work on 14 additional priceless aircraft that are now displayed in the new Airpark Pavilion.

“Boeing wants all their aircraft in mint condition for the Centennial so we will be coordinating twice the number of team members as ever before, and working on about 15 multimillion-dollar aircraft simultaneously,” says Doyle. “They will come in two, weeklong shifts — Team Alpha and Team Bravo — with Team Centennial consisting of team leaders, supervisors, and veterans of the project who will be on site for the full run.”

All team members own their own successful detailing businesses, and they pay their own expenses and donate their time and skill to the massive project.