Delta Kits of Eugene, OR, a provider of windshield-repair and headlight-restoration equipment, has reported making charitable donations in excess of $25,000 for 2013.

For the month of December, Delta Kits donated 50 percent of all windshield-repair and headlight-restoration service profits to the Eugene Mission, a homeless shelter providing meals, safe shelter, clothing, and social services to over 600 men, women, and children in Lane County. The last week of December, 100 percent of all service profits were donated.

In 2013, Delta Kits donated to a variety of charities including non-profit organizations like Living Water and LIFE Outreach that provide food, clean water, and medical care to those in need. Delta Kits also contributed to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation and the local chapter of the Ronald McDonald House. Most recently, a windshield repair system was donated in connection with non-profit organization Kuswera, to give an individual the opportunity to become a business owner and create a better life for his family.