The International Carwash Association has announced that Dan Pecora, owner of Erie Brush & Manufacturing Corporation, has been selected as the 2020 ICA Hall of Fame inductee. This honor, the industry’s highest, was created in 1962 to recognize the innovators, leaders, and pioneers of the professional car wash industry.

The announcement recalled Pecora’s career path. In 1963, Dan’s father, Carlo Pecora, opened Automat of Appleton in Appleton, WI, one of the very first exterior-only washes in North America. Dan, manager of the site, graduated from hand making brushes in the family basement to promoting the business and drawing customers to the conveyor wash.

In 1970, Dan bought Erie Brush and grew it from a two-man operation to a thriving 40-person operation. His experience developing and running exterior washes drove him to create products that solved real challenges for operators. Under Dan’s leadership, Erie developed unique brushes for a variety of applications, which led him to several patents in the industry.

Dan won the ICA President’s Award in 1987 and the Distinguished Service Award in 1988, as well as numerous other awards from regional car wash organizations. He has served as president of the Chicagoland Carwash Association.

“Dan is truly an industry pioneer,” said Ken Littrell, ICA president. “He has dedicated his life to this industry … We’re honored to be able to recognize him with the Hall of Fame Award.”