Crew Carwash, a long-standing central Indiana car wash establishment, is increasing its efforts to protect the environment by drastically reducing its use of plastic rear-wiper safety bags. New equipment adjustments in the car wash tunnel allows Crew to reduce the number of bags by 95 percent, cutting down the average number of bags used annually from over one million to fewer than 50,000.

Rear-wiper safety bags were previously used to prevent pieces of wash cloth from getting caught in the wiper blade and pulling it from the hinge during the wash process. This advancement with Crew’s wash equipment will help prevent rear wipers from being pulled, removing the need for the protective bags. The drastic reduction in safety bag usage will improve the quality of the car wash and help protect the environment by reducing potential plastic waste.

Except for the Honda Odyssey and Honda CR-V, Crew will no longer place the plastic bags on vehicles. The new practice has been implemented at all 27 Crew locations.

In another step toward becoming more environmentally friendly, Crew has rolled out a water reclamation system that cleans and reuses water during certain parts of the wash process at half of its locations, including its newest facility in Brownsburg. To learn more about Crew Carwash and its services, locations, and employment opportunities, visit