As car wash technology and equipment transforms over time, and the car wash industry becomes more dynamic, there is a specific need to educate customers, potential investors, and employees.

Dale Reynolds, president of Carolina Pride and a second-generation car care professional saw this need and has begun to embrace it through offering educational opportunities. This needed education is offered to customers, investors, employees, and the public through Carwash Academy.


Carwash Academy first began, and is still offered, in the form of Car Wash Academy Online, which provides consistent training to all employees on efficient car wash operations and safety procedures. The online modules include professionally produced video modules and access to useful downloadable documents. Carwash Academy Online was built on the idea that managers should be freed up from training new employees to handle other immediate responsibilities.

Classroom setting.
Students learn good business practices.
Hands-on training.
Water quality put to the test.

In September 2016, with furthering education in mind, Carolina Pride expanded to a new 90,000-square-foot facility located in Timberlake, NC. This new corporate headquarters is equipped with a classroom that includes lecture-style seating for 26 and all the technology needed to properly facilitate training. This larger facility made it possible to offer in-house, hands-on training for customers, investors, and employees as an extension of Car Wash Academy Online.


In June 2017, Carwash Academy offered its inaugural self-service session. After quickly showing its popularity amongst the car wash community, the academy scheduled three more self-service sessions for 2018.

The most recent session took place February 19 and 20 and was attended by customers and operators from across the United States and Canada. The event kicked off with a word of welcome from Dale Reynolds, followed by a tour of the manufacturing facility. The academy included many presenters with the proper background and knowledge on a variety of car wash subjects. Presenters included Robert Adcock (vice president of Carolina Pride), David Lang (national sales manager), Dustin Brann (western North America business development manager), Randy Wrenn (electrical engineering manager), Dallas Ormond (service manager), and Derek Majewski of CAT Pumps.

Many self-service subjects were presented and discussed on the first day of the event including self-serve fluid systems, Express wash system operations, Express wash electrical systems, PerformaTM wash system operations, Performa wash electrical systems, rotary and push-button meters, timer programming, multi-coin acceptors, bill acceptors, self-service weep systems, and spot-free rinse system operations. Following classroom instruction, attendees were given the opportunity to tour the newly opened Autorific Carwash location in Hillsborough, NC.

The tour featured the all-new PDQ SurflineTM and PDQ LaserwashTM 360 Plus in-bay automatics, as well as the new OptiMax self-service system by Carolina Pride. Other equipment seen during the tour included crescent stanchions by Carolina Pride, a central vacuum system by MacNeil, Turbo Dry IITM by Carolina Pride, Wash Select II by Unitec, Super-Flo RO by Carolina Pride, Vac-It-Up by Car-Nation Inc., vacuums by FragramaticsTM, and a reclaim system by Con-Serv Manufacturing. After the tour of Autorific Carwash, all attendees were invited to dinner in Roxboro, NC.

The second day of instruction began with hands-on CAT pump training by CAT pump’s own Derek Majewski. Attendees had the opportunity to break down an actual CAT pump at each of their workstations. During this lesson, Majewski discussed common pump issues and how to properly identify the causes for such issues and solutions. Each attendee had a partner to assist in the breakdown and reassembly of the CAT pump.

Following CAT pump training, several other topics were presented which included the Mercury Global Vision credit card system, Turbo Dry maintenance, water softeners, air compressor maintenance, water heater maintenance, and vacuum maintenance.

At the conclusion of the academy curriculum, each attendee was presented with a Carwash Academy certificate.

Please ask yourself the following questions:
• Are you a car wash operator?
• Are your car wash employees in need of being properly trained?
• Are you raising the next generation of car wash operators?
• Are you a potential car wash investor?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Carwash Academy may be right for you. Carolina Pride will be hosting two more sessions in 2018 — May 15-16 and September 25-26. Please note that seating is limited, so it is advisable to reserve a spot early.

Dustin G. Brann is western North America business development manager at Carolina Pride Carwash. For further information or questions, you can contact him at (800) 421-5119 or visit the company on the web at