Carfax has announced a major expansion of the Carfax Service Network. The no-cost vehicle maintenance program is evolving to better connect member shops with the nearly 1 million car owners using myCarfax. As part of the expansion, each participating dealership and aftermarket service location is now known as a “myCarfax Service Shop,” making them more recognizable to potential customers.

Separately, Clear Tech Automotive Inc., a management system for independent shop owners, has announced that it has become part of myCarfax. Clear Tech now offers the benefits that myCarfax Service Shops enjoy to its growing customer base, making it easier for shops using Clear Tech software to also join the program. Clear Tech’s software will feature myCarfax benefits such as Carfax QuickVIN and Carfax Service History Check, which help shops reach new service customers and increase retention and revenue.

There currently are more than 33,000 participating locations across the United States becoming myCarfax Service Shops. Car owners using myCarfax can easily find these shops when looking for local places to have their vehicles serviced or repaired, or open recalls fixed.