Carfax has launched a new product that helps Carfax Service Network members improve customer service and increase ticket averages. Carfax Service History Check gives members access to VIN-specific maintenance details reported by over 25,000 service locations. This information is readily available to all members through a web-based system at Membership in Carfax Service Network is free.

More than $60 billion in manufacturer-suggested maintenance goes unperformed every year, according to the 2012 AASA Automotive Aftermarket Status Report. Service History Check helps shop technicians identify unperformed maintenance by listing all service details reported to Carfax for a specific vehicle. Using this information, they can make better service recommendations and build trust with customers.

Carfax Service History Check helps shop owners tap into an enormous pool of additional service revenue, said Jeff Ranalli, vice president of Carfax. By supporting their maintenance recommendations with hard data from a trusted source, Carfax Service Network members gain both the trust of their customers and a big advantage over their competition.