The Car Wash Show Europe, scheduled for September 25-27 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, provides visitors with the knowledge they need to make their businesses more successful. This year, the educational sessions will take place on the trade show floor, and are open to all participants.

The organizers have announced four seminars to be presented at the show:

European Consumer Study — An overview of the major trends and consumer car wash preferences revealed by research conducted in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden.

Global Innovations in Car Wash — Leading retailers from Australia, North America, and Europe will discuss the factors that are driving growth in their markets, and what the future may hold.

Emerging Automotive Technologies and their Impact on Car Wash — Automated driver assistance systems, autonomous vehicles, car sharing, and subscription services are no longer just concepts but emerging trends that impact the car wash industry. Learn about these concepts, their potential implications and the work underway by the International Carwash Association to support car wash operators.

Compare and Contrast: the European and U.S. Car Wash Customer — How are customers in the United States and Europe similar? Which European markets are closest to those in the United States in terms of consumer preferences? Using ICA’s latest research on both markets, learn about what’s unique and what trends may be crossing these markets.

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