Bee Valve Inc. manufactures a complete line of versatile PVDF CamCouplers and Adapters. This material is partially applicable where ultra-high purity or UL94-VO listing is required. PVDF couplers/adapters are the preferred choice for corrosive chemical, ozone, and high radiation applications. They offer lubricity and durability, are nonflammable and self-extinguishing. PVDF is UV stable in the visible spectrumand is NSF compliant. Couplers and adapters are available in sizes from .25 in. to 3 in. All couplers feature stainless steel handles and pins. EPDM gaskets are standard, Buna-N andViton are also available. All Bee Valve couplers and adaptors are interchangeablewith other military spec couplers and adaptors.

Bee Valve Inc.,
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