Halfords Group plc, the UK’s largest provider of motoring and cycling products and services, announced that Bridgestone, a leading global mobility company, has acquired a 5% stake in its automotive Software as a service (SaaS) business, Avayler, valuing the business that was launched in July 2021, at over $60 millikon. In addition, the Commercial Agreement will allow Bridgestone to leverage Avayler’s products in retail stores and mobile applications.
            Halfords developed The Avayler SaaS solution in-house to manage automotive services across its expansive garage network and increasing number of mobile vans. It offers a completely integrated solution that allows automotive companies operating in multiple locations to develop a competitive edge through superior customer experience.
            In addition to streamlining customer bookings – online, over the phone, and in-store – and job execution inside the garage, Avayler’s mobile capability uses algorithms to instantly calculate the available customer time slots according to the nearest van location and parts availability.
            The Avayler platform uses dynamic pricing to value those slots accurately. Automotive service providers can calculate the cheapest and quickest routes to a customer; maximize colleague productivity on the job; give details of traffic on the road; and provide a colleague with detailed checklists to ensure a safe and consistent service is provided. Customers can even track the location and ETA of their service delivery.