Back row: Trey McCaslin, district manager, 25 years;
Gina Houser, health & safety coordinator, 12 years;
Trey Houser, store manager, 11 years;
Mark Brisbin, store manager, 12 years.
Front row: Blake Ketner, employee recruiter, 15years;
Shea Houser, district manager, 19 years;
David Reep, district manager, 29 years;
Dane Barker, store manager, 9 years.

With a population of about 11,000, the small town of Lincolnton in the western Piedmont area of North Carolina has been producing top management talent for America’s third largest full-service car wash chain since the Lincolnton location of Autobell Car Wash opened in 1979. Lincolnton is about 30 miles northwest of Charlotte, Autobell’s home base.

The eight employees pictured here in the usual order have over 132 years’ combined experience with Autobell Car Wash.