MacNeil Wash Systems new EVO-XR Belt Conveyor provides superior customer experience with low maintenance costs. Available with up to a 5-year, 600,000 vehicle, pro-rated warranty, the robust construction features a 1” thick belt, 1/8” to 3/16” thick stainless steel deck plate, and 5/16” hinge pins. The hot-dip galvanized structure provides 15-20 years of life in a wet, corrosive environment and installs easily with no welding. This innovative alternative to conventional chain conveyors offers increased revenue potential through higher average wash ticket prices, constant flow for higher throughput, and proofing against future automatic emergency braking. Add MacNeil’s RS-550 Super Sonic Wheel & Body Washer to gently clean wheels, rims and rocker panels up to 30” high.

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