Bee Valve Inc. manufactures a complete line of versatile PVDF Cam Couplers/Adapters. The material is partially applicable where ultra-high purity or UL94-VO listing is required. PVDF is also resistant to chemicals such as halogens and strong acids, even at higher temperatures. PVDF couplers/adapters are the preferred choice for corrosive chemical, ozone, and high radiation applications. The couplers/adapters offer lubricity and durability and are available in sizes from .25” to 3”. All couplers feature stainless steel handles and pins and are interchangeable with other military spec couplers and adaptors. Bee Valve Inc. is a manufacturer of low-pressure fluid control and handling products and offers a complete line of ball valves, couplers, adapters, strainers, and fittings.

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