AVW Equipment Co. is celebrating its golden anniversary this year. With “50 Years Under Our Belt,” the company is reflecting on its history rooted in its start with one man and a truck servicing car wash equipment. 
    AVW Equipment was founded by Milovan “Mike” Vidakovich in 1973 in Stone Park, IL. After emigrating from Serbia, Mike worked many jobs to make ends meet in the U.S., including factory work. However, walking into work one day, Mike found that the doors were locked. The factory had closed, and Mike was placed in a tough position without a job. Needing to provide for his family, he quickly found an opportunity in the car wash industry. 
    Mike began tinkering with the equipment on the job and believed he could improve the designs by simplifying them. When he shared his ideas with his boss, his boss said they did not have time for the changes. But Mike was not deterred, and he took the equipment home to work on in his spare time. With his natural inclination for ingenuity, Mike re-engineered the equipment and impressed his boss with the innovation.  
    From there, Mike went into business with a partner to service car wash equipment in Addison, IL. Eventually, he went out on his own and established AVW Equipment with the support of his wife, Dusanka.
    Mike and Dusanka serviced car washes all over the Midwest in the late 70s. Their children, Mira Djordjevic and Velimir “Willy” Vidakovich, soon joined the family business. 
    In the 90s, Mike developed car wash technology that laid the groundwork for today’s industry standards. His innovations include the circular motion mitter, the modernized flex wrap, the following wheel blaster, and the belt conveyor.
    Today, AVW Equipment operates across the U.S. and Europe. AVW Equipment continues to grow, becoming one of the country’s largest independent car wash manufacturers, with thousands of car wash installations around the globe. 
    Mira, Willy, and their children continue to drive the company. The third generation joins Mira and Willy in continuing Mike’s legacy of hard work and helping everyone along the way. AVW Equipment’s long-standing industry and customer relationships are key to the company’s success. AVW would like to thank its customers and all of those that they have worked with over the past 50 years.
     The company looks forward to celebrating throughout the year. AVW Equipment Co. will be at the Car Wash Show Europe, NRCC, and other industry events in the coming months.  

Mike Vidakovich cutting cake at HQ
to celebrate 50 years of business
Mike Vidakovich with his family
in front of original AVW Will Call entrance
Vidakovich and Djordjevic family at 50th anniversary dinner
AVW booth at the 2023 ICA show in Las Vegas