The 16th edition of the Middle East and Africa’s (MEA) largest automotive aftermarket trade and networking event was held May 1-3 2018 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Dubai, UAE. The tradeshow attracted more than 30,000 attendees from 135 countries. The show featured 1,812 exhibitors from 61 countries. Car wash, car care, and reconditioning exhibitors accounted for 70 of the total.

“The increase in water charges coupled with water scarcity and government sustainability initiatives is encouraging car wash operators to embrace eco-efficient products and solutions,” said Mohammed Al-Showair, the CEO of EcoClean, a distributor of vapour steam machines. “Where a pressure washer can use 150 to 300 litres of water, the steam cleaner can cut that amount down to about four litres per car wash. While many cleaners require an air compressor to operate, the gentle pressure of steam works as an air compressor with a natural sanitizer built-in-one. Additionally, steam cleaning doesn’t produce problematic wastewater runoff,” added Al-Showair.