For the 2020-21 academic year, Autobell Car WashAutobell Car Wash presented 118 of its team members in the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, and Maryland with scholarships toward the college or university of their choice. This year’s gifts total $104,750.

Since its inception in 2000, the Autobell Car Wash Scholarship ProgramAutobell Car Wash Scholarship Program has awarded over 1,700 qualifying applicants more than $1.7 million in scholarship funding.

Open to current Autobell team members employed with the company for a continuous 12 months, the scholarship program considers each student’s academic diligence and accomplishments, productive extracurricular activities, civic engagement, and letters from references familiar with the applicant through school and community involvement. The application also requires an essay that explores an educational or creative aspect of their employment experience.

“Reading through scholarship applications is an exciting way to learn more about our talented and hard-working team members and their hopes and plans,” stated Autobell human resources manager Katie Sens. “For many attending school within our geographic footprint, we offer a flexible schedule allowing them to work while completing their education. As our scholarship winners go on to impressive accomplishments after graduation, we are delighted and humbled that Autobell was able to play a role in making their dreams come true.”