From left to right: Bert Rast,
AUTEC president Tom Hobby,
Ross Weimer, and Eric Weimer.

AUTEC recently hosted its national distributor conference at the company’s headquarters in Statesville, NC from September 17 through 19. Over 40 distributors attended from across the United States. Highlights from the conference included recognition of the two top-performing distributors for 2014. Ross Weimer and Eric Weimer, on behalf of Bozeman Distributors of Baton Rouge, LA, earned the number one spot for most car washes sold, many of which were the AUTEC InBay Express business model with car wash and building combinations. Bert Rast, on behalf of Mako Car Wash Systems of Atlantic Beach, FL, received the second top-performer and best-performer in the convenience store/petroleum market award.

Several of AUTEC’s key vendor-partners attended and presented new information, products, and technology relevant to the AUTEC sales team. Each vendor-partner sponsored a function during the conference. AUTEC’s corporate sales and manufacturing executives made presentations featuring new sales support materials and new equipment revisions and introductions, while two car wash owners attended the conference as guest speakers.