AUTEC Car Wash Systems is celebrating its 37th birthday. Tom Hobby founded the company on August 1, 1981 when driveway washing was commonplace. Starting a business that was counting on changing a public mindset was risky. Back then, the average car owner spent several hours each week with bucket, soap, water, old towels, and elbow grease cleaning his car. Over the years, car owners began looking for a fast, convenient, environmentally friendly alternative to driveway washing.

From a fledgling company started in the founder’s basement, to a multi-million-dollar corporation, AUTEC’s Statesville, NC headquarters encompasses marketing; research and development; engineering and drafting; welding and metal fabrication; paint and surface preparation; electrical; assembly; technical service; and a complete chemical blending, formulating, and packaging operation.

AUTEC manufactures three primary car wash systems: soft touch, touch free, and a combination system that provides both. The company also manufactures a soft-touch polisher.