With the recent passing of car wash legend Dan Pecora, his son Robert is continuing the family tradition of innovating some of the industry’s highest quality brushes as president of Erie Brush & Manufacturing Corp., a supplier to the car wash industry since 1948.

The Chicago, IL based manufacturer provides car wash owners with a wide variety of supplies for self-service and tunnel washes, including hog’s hair brushes, cloth, foam, and tire/wheel brushes.

Dan Pecora grew up with America’s car wash industry and influenced it with passion and creativity. He passed away April 26, 2020, a few days before he was inducted into the International Carwash Association’s Car Wash Hall of Fame.

“Fortunately, the company is in a very strong position financially and the manufacturing processes he created are all in place. We have ample inventory and are as ready as ever to service car wash operators,” said Robert Pecora, who has 36 years of car wash industry experience.

Pecora said he has been preparing his entire life to carry the mantle as the third generation in the car wash brush supply business. At the age of 15, he began working at his father’s car wash. When he was 20, he was asked to work at Erie Brush to learn the family business. In 1994, he formed his own chemical solutions company, Simply Solutions Corporation, before selling it in 2017 to work alongside his father in his later years.

As for this period of transition, Pecora said he feels a responsibility to maintain Erie Brush’s standing in the industry as a leader in brush innovation and quality.