omniX Labs, EverWash’s advanced vehicle analytics and AI platform, has announced a new partnership with Acquire Video, the Oklahoma City-based developers of the TunnelMax-HD™ car wash video surveillance solution.

         Through this partnership, Acquire Video camera systems for car washes will be omniX-ready out of the box. This solution ensures an easy setup experience for wash operators who want to take advantage of omniX’s patented real-time Sales Navigator alerting system and WOWO™ Wheels On Wheels Off, which maps the customer journey from the moment they enter your lot to the time they leave. This includes loader efficiency and fraud detection insights.

         By combining Acquire Video’s industry-leading camera equipment with omniX’s patented AI solution, car wash operators can use their security camera video feeds to collect real-time and actionable sales and operational insights.

         Sales managers can take advantage of these insights using omniX’s patented Sales Navigator, which learns the behavior of customers and provides real-time alerting to help staff deliver a more personalized sales pitch. Providing a personal touch throughout the customer journey with customer-centric pitches leads to an improved experience that increases membership sales and retention.

         omniX-powered video feeds also monitor the efficiency of your car wash operation, collecting data that can provide insights for operational optimization, and make tedious tasks such as claims processing easy to deal with. This information is displayed as actionable information, consumable on mobile devices, smart digital displays, and wearables.